PAEE - Profile Area Energy Efficiency

Profile Area Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Projects at Chalmers Shipping and Marine Technology

  • ACCSEAS-Accessibility for Shipping, Efficiency Advantages and Sustainability
  • Analysis and optimisation of marine propulsion systems
  • Energy Efficient Air Cavity Ships
  • Implementing Energy Management Systems
  • Intermodeship - The Intermodal Ship
  • Knowledge and methodology development for the analysis of air cavity ships
  • Large Area Propellers
  • Lass - Lightweight Construction Application at Sea
  • LeanShips
  • Optshiprout - Optimisation of Ship Routing with respect to Fatigue and Fuel Conspumption
  • REMCAP - The Resource Efficient Maritime Capacity
  • Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Computational Hydrodynamics
  • Studies of ship resistance and wave generation
  • ULYSSES - Wind Propulsion